Entries by Vural Çakır

Transition to the Aftermath of Corona

It is our hope that the corona virus pandemic has entered a downward trend in Turkey and the world alike. I’d like to call this episode the transition to the post-Corona period. This is an interim phase where we will have to make progress on various fronts. A time of social mobilization awaits us. In […]

Year 2020 at İNGEV

We completed the fourth year of İNGEV. It has been a year that we felt we have been helpful. We were also able to develop ourselves as to provide even more contribution. Spreading the concept of human development plays a significant role in the mission we undertake. This year, we will develop Human Development Index […]

In the end, Humanitarian development wins

INGEV Social Research Group is launching the Human Development Monitor (IGM) in May. We want to determine our country’s circumstances and needs by regularly monitoring the components that underlie the concept of human development. While there will be four reporting periods throughout the year, we will kick off the first period of the study by analyzing […]