Year 2020 at İNGEV

We completed the fourth year of İNGEV. It has been a year that we felt we have been helpful. We were also able to develop ourselves as to provide even more contribution. Spreading the concept of human development plays a significant role in the mission we undertake. This year, we will develop Human Development Index for Districts (HDI-D) and for Metropolitan Municipalities (HDI-MM) reports and disseminate them through various meetings. In addition, we will have a special section in regards to the measurement of Sustainable Development Objectives at district and province levels. Our preparations advance rapidly. We will realise the study conference of the project titled “Digital Governance Opportunities” that we conduct in cooperation with İstanbul Policy Centre and Oxford University on the 1st of April. After the Cyber Bullying Research we had realised last year, we are to handle the topic of digital citizenship in a more integrated manner. Through the Human Development Monitor (HDM) that we initialised in cooperation with İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication, we continue to publish research based social policy reports in regards to the topics of gender equality, social media reliability and Syrian – refugee perception. We will be presenting these to the attention of decision makers through various activities.

An important aspect of the mission we undertake is turning to practice under the guidance of research and taking on active site responsibility for human development. We focused particularly on sources of livelihood due to the economic situation our country is going though. The report we completed for the Directorate General of Migration Management and our public research have shown that the priority issue regarding social cohesion is the Syrians in our country.

They also constitute the most vulnerable segment of society in Turkey. Providing them with sustainable livelihood sources and increase of their contributions to economy and employment will also mean prevention of significant risks that may arise in the future of our country. We managed the incorporation processes of 208 “start-up” companies in a multipronged manner in the last year. This year we continue our high momentum through consulting, mentoring, digital support trainings, work permits and company incorporation assistances. Disabled people constitute the doubly vulnerable segment in this particular period we are going through. The topic of having disabled people reach livelihood sources is another field of responsibility that we started works on.

The step we took with İNGEV England Representation Office has been a symbol of the vision we bear. We would like to become a nongovernmental organisation recognised as reference in the fields of human development. A nongovernmental organisation that is independent, expert, based on competence, that made developing itself and contributing more and more an aspect of daily life …

An organisation that always remains candid …

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