Türkiye in the World

Latest Publications

Research on Violence against Refugee Women in Southeast Türkiye (2023)
Women and Youth of the Digital World (2023)
Needs Analysis of NEET Women (2023)
Human Development and Sustainable Development: Local Governments Extended Executive Summary (October 2022)
The Precariat and Social Security (October 2022)

Basic Componenets ofHumanDevelopment

Social Equity

Right to get fair education and health services for everyone

Social Inclusion and Productivity

Economic development utilization and pursue of effective social policies by public authorities

Standard of Living

Employment opportunity and a living that can sustain humanly lives


Freedom of the people to influence development and decisions that affect their lives

Environmental Rights

Every individual should access to unspoiled natural resources for survival; including land, shelter, food, water, air and also ecological rights


Participation and belonging to communities in terms of mutual enrichment and a source of social meaning

Sustainability – Security

Offer permanent and secured human development opportunities to people


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