Istanbul Labor Market Research: Changes Caused by the Pandemic

The social, economic and political consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have profoundly altered the society both the macro- and micro-economic levels: Inequalities have deepened and the economic downturn has been experienced especially harshly by disadvantaged groups who were already economically vulnerable even before the pandemic. Based on the unexpected and profound economic changes brought on […]

İNGEV-DRC Event Organized to Enhance Business Network Between SMEs İn Şanlıurfa

“Business Networking Event” was organized by INGEV and DRC on August 12 to enhance the business network between SMEs and entrepreneurs, promote the services of local stakeholders, and huddle SME owners and stakeholders together. In the event, both new entrepreneurs and business owners attended, projects and support packages that entrepreneurs in Sanliurfa can benefit from […]

INGEV is creating a digital map of SMEs!

INGEV TAM (Social Research Center) has just launched a study that will regularly measure SMEs’ current digital capacities and their priority needs. The study aims to create a digital map of SMEs by including Syrian businesses and local companies. “SME Digital Monitor” will measure the current digital capacity of SMEs in a wide range from […]

“Friend” Project by INGEV Volunteers

Friend project, “Arkadaş” in Turkish, is a social cohesion project that improves the Turkish speaking practice of Syrians who have already stepped into the business world. Within the project framework, while bringing together those who want to improve their Turkish, we meet in online “language rooms” and talk in Turkish on various topics with volunteers […]

Fifth Season: Climate Policies of Turkey

“Are we changing?” platform held its first event online on the World Climate day   With the joint initiative of Habitat Association, INGEV, and TEPAV, “Are We Changing?”, which creates awareness for individual and institutional change in response to climate change and highlights the steps taken in this field. Platform’s first event, the webinar titled […]

Localizing Human Development: HDI-M and HDI-D Book Published

INGEV is celebrating the e-book release of its Human Development performance evaluation. The book details human development levels of both the District and Metropolitan levels across nine categories. One of the most important features of the book is that it also includes a model for establishing a more methodical connection from the Sustainable Development perspective. […]

A Research on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey

PRESS BULTEN 22 March 2021 The power of interaction: Our attitudes turn more positive as we get to know each other. The results of the Human Development Monitor Research Study, conducted by INGEV TAM in cooperation with ISTANBUL BILGI UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION, emphasized the importance of interpersonal interactions and getting to know each other […]

Remote Learning Exacerbates Inequalities?

The success of the distance education system depends on digital access and parental attention. Digital inequalities are preventing society from fully embracing distance learning, concludes a recent Human Development Monitoring Research report conducted by INGEV-TAM in collaboration with Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communications. The report found that lack of digital access is the most […]

Renewed INGEV ESC Webpage Provides Further Benefits to Users

The website of INGEV Entrepreneurship Support Center (ESC), Turkey’s first and only center providing support to disadvantaged entrepreneurs, has been updated. A collection of trainings and informational notes prepared by INGEV consultants in both Turkish and Arabic have been made available for free in order to assist SMEs in growing their businesses. Some of the […]

Business Development Center Makes Significant Contribution to Economy in Şanlıurfa

In line with INGEV’s mission to support the development of the economy and trade in Şanlıurfa, the Şanlıurfa Business Development Center continues to provide training and consultancy services to SMEs in the city despite the pandemic. During the online opening event of the center, managers and leaders of INGEV, DRC and the Şanlıurfa Chamber of […]