“Renew Turkiye’s 2030 Climate Goal, Strengthen the Economy”

We at INGEV supported the campaign for the improvement of Turkiye’s 2030 climate goal, conducted by civil society organizations and think tanks operating in the climate field.

Our main demand in the campaign, led by CAN Europe (Climate Action Network Europe), was to update Turkiye’s climate target to “35% absolute emission reduction by 2030.” By taking action to reduce our emissions, we can contribute to global efforts and see the economic benefits of climate action such as fighting inflation, energy independence, and new employment opportunities.

The scientific and main basis for the demand of “35% absolute emission reduction by 2030” was the “Turkiye’s Decarbonization Roadmap: Net Zero by 2050” study prepared by the Istanbul Policy Center in 2021.

In the communication activities of the campaign, we focused on the economic benefits of climate action in both our published videos and social media posts.


Highlighted videos from the campaign:

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