Causes of Violence Against Women in Southeast of Turkiye

INGEV TAM (Social Research Center), in collaboration with its partners in southeastern Turkiye, particularly KAMER, addresses violence against women as an urgent issue. This work is conducted under CARE International Turkiye’s program to combat violence against women, financed by ECHO. The aim is to comprehensively identify the patterns of violence against women in the Southeast of Turkiye.

The research highlights the seriousness of the situation by identifying barriers to reporting instances of violence and seeking support, as well as the root causes of the violence. This provides the necessary insights and recommendations for developing effective intervention strategies.

Some striking findings from the research include:

  • Violence against women is triggered by patriarchal power imbalances. Including men and boys in gender-transformative programs is critical. Additionally, programs promoting “responsible fatherhood” support healthier lifestyles.
  • Community-focused interventions contribute more meaningfully to effective intervention strategies by strengthening community ties beyond individual assistance.
  • Psychosocial support groups promote a sense of safety and empowerment among women by providing a platform for daily interaction, problem sharing, and the exchange of current information.
  • The changing nature of social perceptions underscores the importance of long-term support services.

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