ActHuman IV Report: “SMEs Play a Key Role in Creating Green Jobs”

“SMEs Play a Key Role in Creating Green Jobs”


“Young Population in Turkey Should Be Oriented to Agriculture for Green Employment”


“The Most Critical Sectors in Green Business for Young Populations Agriculture, Energy, Construction and Tourism”


ActHuman Social Inclusion Initiative, a joint initiative of INGEV and Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center (IPC), held an online report launch meeting to define “Integration from Employment to Production to Climate Policies” and offer social policy recommendations.


Speaking at the ActHuman IV Report Launch, INGEV President Vural Çakır underlined the importance of creating another perception of the good life for all human beings:


“We must keep on the agenda the importance of creating another perception of the good life that doesn’t match with consumption. 


We know that our planet is under tremendous and now visible threat, and global warming affects those with low living standards the most.


We focus on the vigorous implementation of the green transformation. Achieving the green transition without creating a new inequality zone between developed and developing countries and between the high-income and middle and lower classes is necessary.


One of the key messages of this recent UN Climate summit #COP26 was that public leadership should prioritize people’s needs and listen to green spokespeople. Protecting the purchasing power of the people and ensuring the green transformation of the construction sector were also priorities. 


Ensuring the safe and just transition of SMEs, which are the primary source of employment, is one of the most critical issues in our country.


I conclude all my talks about climate by emphasizing the backstage. We are in a period of human age where human beings are consumers whose sole mission is to consume. Our perception of the good life has always been determined entirely within the framework of this consumer mission. 


Achieving green transformation is a serious challenge, whilst 7.5 billion people and more than 200 million companies focus on this consumer mission. 


That’s why we need to keep the importance of creating another perception of a good life that doesn’t match with consumption.”


  • Only 2.5% of Total Incentive and Recovery Spending by Governments Worldwide in 2020 is within the scope of Sustainability.
  • Critical Sectors for Green Job Creation in Turkey are Energy, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Transportation Service, and Waste Management.
  • The Circular Economy, the Supply Chain Channel, and the Twin Transformation Have a Big Role in the Green Job Creation Process.
  • SMEs Have a Huge Contribution to Employment in Creating Green Jobs.
  • Sectoral Differences in Policies should be considered, not adversely affecting women’s employment in Green Job Opportunities.
  • While creating green employment, it is critical to develop policies that will direct the youth to the agricultural sector in Turkey due to the aging agrarian population in Turkey.
  • The Green Business Sectors with the Highest Potential for Youth are Agriculture, Energy, Construction, Tourism and Environmental Services.
  • To create Green Employment, vocational and technical education curricula should be updated, and road maps should be created for sectors where green work can be implemented.
  • To realize the green transformation in Turkey, incentives in this field should be increased and incentive mechanisms should be provided.

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