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Great Interest To d-FAIRs From Turkey And The World…

İNGEV d-FAIRs Women’s Clothing and Footwear virtual fair, which was held between September 12-15, received strong attendance from 20 countries. The virtual fair, which has aimed to support fragile SMEs and accelerate social cohesion and financial integration, is first of its kind. Speaking at the opening panel on September 12th, İNGEV President Vural Çakır said […]

INGEV CHATS Focuses on Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives

INGEV CHATS has recently held its 18th episode since March when the Covid-19 outbreak started in Turkey. INGEV CHATS Episodes in June were devoted to Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives. As INGEV CHATS episodes exceeded 1 million total views on Facebook, our guests in June were; İbrahim Elbaşı, Duygu Eren, Ozan Sönmez, Emine Erdem, Arda Sacred, Murat […]

Refugee Entrepreneurs are More Pessimistic About the Future

Refugee entrepreneurs are more affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than their Turkish counterparts and are more pessimistic about the future. INGEV TAM’s “Understanding Local and Refugee Entrepreneurs and Their Needs in the COVID-19 Outbreak and Normalization Process” research study indicates that revenues of refugee entrepreneurs are more negatively affected by the pandemic than local entrepreneurs […]

Barrier to Cohesion: Disinformation

Turkish people are so misinformed about Syrians living in Turkey that the biggest obstacle to social harmony among the two communities can be said to be disinformation. The Human Development Monitor Survey conducted by INGEV TAM in collaboration with Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication revealed that local community members possess quite a bit of […]

Making a Difference with Impactful Mentorship

We came to the end of the first year in our business mentoring project funded by EBRD. The aim of the project was to enhance business development capacity of Syrian entrepreneurs. In this process, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to strengthen their networking capabilities as they interacted with new network connections from public- private sectors, sectoral […]

Fast Information Service from INGEV to Refugee SMEs

With İNGEV Flash News, we started to inform refugee SMEs about economic developments. Flash News, which runs on Telegram, aims to quickly report general news about economic developments, regulations implemented in the Covid-19 normalization period, and brand-new supports from non-governmental organizations. “INGEV Flash News” offer news services only in Arabic language.

Vural Cakir Pens His Entrepreneurship Experiences

INGEV President Vural Cakir has started putting down his entrepreneurship experiences on paper with a new series of articles on the INGEV website. The series walk the readers through the stories of 2 major research companies Cakir started; all the way from their founding to their mergers and international acquisitions. The series, consisting of 6 […]

Digitalization Assistance for Refugee Entrepreneurs from İNGEV GDM

Refugee Entrepreneurs faced many challenges regarding putting their business ideas into practice, accessing livelihood opportunities, and recruiting employees. On top of these they now had to deal with the serious difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. In this critical period, it has emerged that companies could benefit from more digitalization and that e-commerce opportunities are […]