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Istanbul Labor Market Research: Changes Caused by the Pandemic

The social, economic and political consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have profoundly altered the society both the macro- and micro-economic levels: Inequalities have deepened and the economic downturn has been experienced especially harshly by disadvantaged groups who were already economically vulnerable even before the pandemic. Based on the unexpected and profound economic changes brought on […]

İNGEV-DRC Event Organized to Enhance Business Network Between SMEs İn Şanlıurfa

“Business Networking Event” was organized by INGEV and DRC on August 12 to enhance the business network between SMEs and entrepreneurs, promote the services of local stakeholders, and huddle SME owners and stakeholders together. In the event, both new entrepreneurs and business owners attended, projects and support packages that entrepreneurs in Sanliurfa can benefit from […]

HDI/SDG Experience Sharing Platform Held on 8-9 July

In cooperation with Sabancı University IPC, INGEV launched the HDI/SDG Metropolitan Municipalities Experience Sharing Platform on 8-9 July 2021. The platform aims to become a hub for municipalities to conceptualize the importance of localizing SDGs and implementing these SDGs according to the 2030 Agenda of the UN.    The first day of the event shed […]

INGEV is creating a digital map of SMEs!

INGEV TAM (Social Research Center) has just launched a study that will regularly measure SMEs’ current digital capacities and their priority needs. The study aims to create a digital map of SMEs by including Syrian businesses and local companies. “SME Digital Monitor” will measure the current digital capacity of SMEs in a wide range from […]

“Friend” Project by INGEV Volunteers

Friend project, “Arkadaş” in Turkish, is a social cohesion project that improves the Turkish speaking practice of Syrians who have already stepped into the business world. Within the project framework, while bringing together those who want to improve their Turkish, we meet in online “language rooms” and talk in Turkish on various topics with volunteers […]

Fifth Season: Climate Policies of Turkey

“Are we changing?” platform held its first event online on the World Climate day   With the joint initiative of Habitat Association, INGEV, and TEPAV, “Are We Changing?”, which creates awareness for individual and institutional change in response to climate change and highlights the steps taken in this field. Platform’s first event, the webinar titled […]