Lower Income Groups Social Policy Research Project

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Project Name : Lower Income Groups Social Policy Research Project

Project Code: 0001

Project Status: Open (Open Project: announced and awaiting for contribution)

Project Goal : The goal of this project is to determine the most effective social policy recommendations by revealing the status in terms of human development standards, the expectations and the consumption behaviours of the lower income groups in our county

Project Job List

  • To do secondary resources and literature review
  • To prepare the questionnaire and sample structure for the field study
  • Data collection
  • Data entry and analyses
  • To produce the statistical tables
  • To write the report: analyses and policy recommendations using the secondary resources, literature and field study
  • Visual arrangements: to design the visuals of the materials such as questionnaire, report, etc. and to make them ready to use on website and to be printed.
  • Printing jobs: to do the necessary printing jobs throughout the project period.

Contribution Type: You may want to donate with company funds or personally to this project which is stated as “open” status. And/or you may want to make job contribution by taking the responsibility of the jobs listed on the Project Job List above. Companies may sponsor the whole project or to only one part of it. Please state which ones you would like to do on “Corporate-Brand Contribution” or “Individual Contribution” sections on this website and fill out the necessary areas in the form which is placed on the same page. You may find further information in each section.


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