Youth and Women in Preparation for Digital Economy!

INGEV accelerated its work to prepare young individuals and women in Turkey for the digital economy. The organization will soon hold technical trainings in fields such as social media management, graphics design and digital marketing for 200 women in order to enhance their employment in the digital space. INGEV will also contribute to women’s recruitment via online career fairs and support services, in partnership with Re-Coded.

Forty women entrepreneurs will be empowered through the entrepreneurial trainings, micro-grants and consultancy support.

Another important aspect of the project will be online communication and social media management trainings to improve digital capacities of the 40 companies led by these women. Additionally, a micro-support package will support these companies to prepare social media management and promotion materials.

The mentorship aid “Entering the Market” to be offered by INGEV Entrepreneurship Support Center will improve women entrepreneurs’ sales, marketing and business development capacities.

INGEV will be conducting the project, “Preparing Youth and Women in Turkey for Digital Economy” in cooperation with Re-Coded and RIZK, and with support from PRM.

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