Young Entrepreneurs Work Together at Start-up Weekend “Against Climate Crisis and Disasters”

Young individuals from across the country got together at the “Young Initiatives against Climate Crisis and Disasters” Start-up Weekend on September 25 and 26 to find solutions to global climate crisis and environmental disasters.

Young entrepreneurs divided into teams on the first day and sought to find solutions to global issues, guided by mentors and facilitators.

Groups appeared before the jury on the second day, after having attended a training on presentation techniques. A total of 18 groups competed for the top prize with a three-minute pitch.

The ranking after the jury voted were as follows:

First Place: Gel-Götür (Come and Get It) to deliver products nearing expiration to prevent food waste

Second Place: Scavengers, organizing scientific workshops by utilizing functioning parts of electronic waste

Tied for Third Place: Hurmaco, producing coffee from date seeds, and TOFI, collecting heirloom and local seeds and supporting refugees’ employment in the local agriculture sector.

Over 100 young entrepreneurs from various cities took part in the Start-up Weekend, organized with by INGEV in cooperation with UN Development Program and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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