The Image of Non-Govermental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations play a key role for healthy social development and peaceful democracy. It is possible for NGOs to contribute to the social life of individuals and make decisions together with society. NGOs can also play an important role in solving many problems that the public has difficulty in intervening. In some European countries, in order to be elected as a member of the parliament, a candidate has to have work experience in a NGO. In our country, NGOs with technician quality and supra-politics are developing. However, it is also known that number of NGOs intertwined with politics have increased and such NGOs have easier access to public resources. On the other hand, the fact that some NGOs played a role in the preparation of the July 15 attack on democracy was a depressing problem for the public image of NGOs. INGEV TAM has prepared a research report on the image of NGOs in public.The report reveals that the percentage of those who believe that non-governmental organizations benefit the society and that those who do not believe in society are distributed by almost half and half. This research will provide ample opportunity to generate significant inferences.

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