Syrian Perception in Society

Turkey plays a key role for Syrian refugees and hosts 3,7 million Syrian refugees. A population of this size, of course, brings about many issues and especially social cohesion is very essential. Stable strategies, clear applications and large resources are needed. In addition to these efforts for refugees, the attitudes and behaviors of the host nationals are very significant. Particular attention needs to be paid to the tensions that may occur in a period when our country is going through the economic hardship and unemployment reaches high levels. There is a need for political parties and opinion leaders to approach the issue with extraordinary care. Political parties and leaders should not be provocative and use harmonious language. INGEV TAM  evaluated our society’s Syrian perception in a research report based on fieldwork. Our report shows that relations between Turkey and Syrian citizens are considered to be one of the most strained social relations. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, it is only shared with organizations that may be directly related.

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