Support to SMEs Continues Despite the Pandemic

Entrepreneurship support gained momentum despite the Pandemic in the last quarter thanks to the support of UNDP and other program partners.

INGEV has witnessed a particular increase in work permit issuance, reaching 600 applications. INGEV has also managed to facilitate establishment of 14 new companies.

Within the scope of the project, 76 entrepreneurs have opened their companies so far, 28 of which registered Limited Liability Companies with a total capital of TRY 3.065.000.

INGEV consultants supported more than 100 entrepreneurs by focusing especially on digitalization as remote work, online sales and marketing became essential for Syrian SMEs during the pandemic. Additionally, a new Project in cooperation with UNDP has been launched in September 20’ that will aim to provide comprehensive support to Syrian SMEs in Turkey including digital infrastructure and cash grants, digitalization trainings and hands-on digital marketing support.

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