Support to Digitalization of Refugee Women-Led Companies

As the Covid-19 pandemic enters its second year, the digitalization of businesses and the ability to work remotely became more crucial than ever before. Funded by the Japanese government and run by UNDP, INGEV launched the emergency support to Syrian SMEs project.

During Project implementation, 48 female-led refugee companies received a mini recovery grant to finance their urgent business needs. Out of those 48 female-led refugee companies, 31% received digital marketing support as well to increase their brand awareness and enable them to reach wider and new client base. In addition, 44% of them received digital infrastructure grants support in the form of providing them with unlimited internet access and/or cloud-based business management tool. The digital infrastructure grants aims to lay the foundation for a digitalized business that can operate in the current business environment. Finally, trainings organized by INGEV which aimed to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to overcome the current challenges imposed by the covide-19 outbreak, such as: digital communication tools, digital marketing practices, digital sales channels, managing social media tools for businesses and Turkish government response & support to SMEs during the pandemic.

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