Raising Effective Awareness

During periods when immigration movements get extraordinarily intense, economic, social and cultural problems increase. Reducing such tensions that may arise among the society due to various reasons, raising social awareness and strengthening social cohesion are objectives that are strategic as much as they are urgent. In the study conducted by İNGEV Social Research Centre (TAM) with persons in charge in nongovernmental organisations and public institutions regarding the Syrians under Temporary Protection Status in the 10 provinces that were impacted the most from immigration, the present mutual cohesion between the two societies and the effective awareness studies conducted were examined. One of the key findings of the study has been that the local populace had uncertainties regarding the immigration wave they faced and that they suffered misinformation, and accordingly many facts thought as wrong or many wrongs thought as fact turned into urban legends without basis. The study presented to the Directorate General of Migration Management in cooperation with Norm Consulting aims to combat against all these prejudices and false beliefs and make contribution to the topic of how to increase social awareness.

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