New Level in Our Entrepreneurship Supports

We place emphasis particularly on Entrepreneurship supports among the sources of livelihood. Vocational trainings that are provided without creating workforce competition, without resulting in making one person more advantageous compared to the other within the labour market, and with the basis of correct labour analyses are of great importance without doubt. Such projects conducted by also taking into account the perspective of employer demands provide contribution to the development of livelihood sources. Entrepreneurship is of particular significance in this regard. An enterprise started up correctly, ensured to live and develop may make contribution with a multiplier effect on both employment and economic growth. Thus, we care much about the entrepreneurship support programmes at İNGEV. We will be able to take important steps in regards to entrepreneurship and employment in the year 2020 through the cooperation we established with UNDP. We believe that the present businesses finding new sales channels and support of their digitalisation will provide significant contribution at short and medium terms to the employment of both Turkey citizens and the Syrians.

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