Dimensions of Cyber Violence

INGEV TAM completed the research report on Cyber ​​Violence. The research report is based on a field study shows that Turkey has low level of awareness on Cyber Violence. Individuals are unaware that som3 of their online experiences may constitute cyber violence. We are at a stage where smart phone availability is rapidly engulfing the whole society and the age of use is getting lower. This trend will continue. The INGEV TAM Cyber ​​Violence Awareness Report gives us a road map about our current stage. According to the research, 73% of the public stated that they did not know or knew little about behaviors that would be defined as Cyber ​​Violence. Raising awareness, preventing unintentional cyber violence or inability to use defense and protection options in cases of cyber violence are the crucial starting steps in the fight against cyber violence. INGEV plans a campaign to raise awareness by evaluating the various dimensions in the report.

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