Bridging Entrepreneurs in Şanlıurfa: Bridges

Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in increasing employment. Especially in Southeastern Anatolia region, entrepreneurship is becoming more meaningful with small-scale businesses allowing women to choose their own working hours and places.

Under the “Incubation and Small Grant” Program carried out by INGEV in Şanlıurfa, those who want to become entrepreneurs have continued to receive basic and advanced entrepreneurship training for the last four years.

INGEV, in collaboration with DRC (Danish Refugee Council), provides partial grant support covering the establishment costs for the businesses of entrepreneurs who complete these trainings. Additionally, the project supports new businesses to be more sustainable by providing financial, legal, and business development consultancy services to fresh entrepreneurs.

The Bridges project continues to contribute significantly to the development and social cohesion of Şanlıurfa in its fifth year.

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