We’re Members of Europe’s Largest Climate Network!

INGEV became a member of CAN Europe, Europe’s largest climate action network!

Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe is also known as Europe’s most prominent coalition of non-governmental organizations fighting against climate change, which has an increasing impact on our lives day by day.

With 185 member organizations representing more than 40 million citizens in 38 countries, CAN Europe supports sustainable climate, energy, and development policies across Europe. It also works on various issues, including climate, energy, and financial policies, to contribute to a zero-carbon transition and green and fair transformation.

CAN Europe is also recognized as the voice of civil society across Europe on climate change, as a network that has a voice in both EU climate policies and UN climate negotiations.

We are happy to be a member of CAN Europe. From now on, we will be even more motivated to increase our advocacy-awareness activities, social research, livelihoods-oriented climate policy work, and collaborations on climate change in Turkey.

Click for CAN Europe website: https://caneurope.org/

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