İNGEV-DRC Event Organized to Enhance Business Network Between SMEs İn Şanlıurfa

“Business Networking Event” was organized by INGEV and DRC on August 12 to enhance the business network between SMEs and entrepreneurs, promote the services of local stakeholders, and huddle SME owners and stakeholders together.

In the event, both new entrepreneurs and business owners attended, projects and support packages that entrepreneurs in Sanliurfa can benefit from to start their business and enhance their current businesses were introduced. Participants became aware of the different opportunities in the market by listening to the experience of companies that were established, improved, and continued their services for a long time by benefitting from grant support. Universities’ support mechanism for entrepreneurs to develop university and industry collaboration was shared in the event.

The university provides both field and information support to companies that want to carry out innovative studies in their area was one of the most exciting topics among the participants. The owners of successful enterprises shared their experiences about the collaboration of university, industry, and non-governmental organizations on their innovative works. They explained the curative effect of the know-how and opportunities of the university on their businesses. Entrepreneurs were encouraged to consider alternative cooperation opportunities in consideration of these narratives.

Although different stakeholders develop different business networks in each economic ecosystem, companies are either unaware of these networks or consider these associations only as registration authorities or document-providing institutions, which is a prevalent case in the market.

In this regard, associations and unions stand out as essential stakeholders in promoting the products and services of companies and developing their supplier and customer portfolios. As companies increase their knowledge of the benefits of associations and unions, they have realized that being in connection with the right business networks is essential in reaching their growth targets in fast and secure ways. It was emphasized that the widespread entrepreneurial spirit in different sectors in Sanliurfa and the development of solid cooperation between businesses would significantly contribute to both the new generation entrepreneurs and the capacity of existing companies.

The experiences of successful entrepreneurs in food and textile, their best practices, challenges, and problem-solving strategies were an essential roadmap for the companies participating in the event to find a solution when they encounter similar situations.

Women entrepreneurs explained their gender-based obstacles when they faced establishing their businesses, and they shared their struggle strategies.

The stands opened by 25 companies established with the support of INGEV and DRC working in sectors such as textile, food, wholesale trade, service, and construction to promote their products and services attracted great attention from event participants and stakeholders. Companies had a chance to explain their goods and services in detail to customers, contact representatives of associations and institutions to enhance their business network, and hare their business cards and brochures to potential customers and suppliers.

80 companies from different sectors that want to take part in Sanliurfa’s economic ecosystem were established within the project’s scope, and they participated in the event to develop their business network. In addition, the investment environment in Sanliurfa and university-industry cooperation subjects were evaluated in the event. Participants kept informed about local grants and incentives, the small tricks of developing collaboration between companies, and the company enhancement strategies.

“Business Development Event” organized with the contributions of Harran University, Sanliurfa Chamber of Industry and Trade, Sanliurfa Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans, KOSGEB, Karacadag Development Agency, SURIAD, the Women Entrepreneurs Supreme Board of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Cevahir Han Restaurant, Texture and Orkniza companies was held with strong participation of 60 people consisting of stakeholders and SMEs.

In the event, Turkish and Syrian companies that have just started their commercial activities in different sectors, especially in the food, textile, and wholesale trade sectors, in cooperation with INGEV & DRC, came together with business world organizations, sectoral associations, financial support organizations and Sanliurfa SME representatives.