United Nations Development Program is 50 years old

United Nations Development Programme that was established by the United Nations to create a global network for the development turned 50 years old.

How well do we know this half-century institution?

Here is a concise history of UNDP…

UNDP in November 22,1965, was established with the partnership of United Nations Special Fund and EP (Extended Programme of Technical Assistance).

In 1971 the two institutions have united under the name of UNDP where United Nations Special Fund helped with technical assistance to expand the coverage area, and the EPA assisted and operated in the economic and political problems of under-developing countries.

Focused on developing countries, to have better living standards, UNDP set out the program with the mission of providing necessary information, experience and resources; and supporting projects on development by collaborating with governments, civil society organizations, academia and business environments.

New York-based UNDP, in 166 countries, has offices supporting the development by working with local governments. UNDP continues to  to help countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

UNDP to promote global development, work on these specific issues below:

– Poverty Alleviation

– Democratic Governance

– Energy and Environment

– Social Development

– Crisis Prevention and Crossover

– Protection of Human Rights and Women’s Empowerment


Happy birthday UNDP!!!

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