UNDP hosted “Istanbul Development Dialogue”

UNDP-backed “Istanbul Development Dialogue ” was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Concerns about global inequality are rising and it continues to demolish the foundations of sustainable development expectations through different channels.

The concept of inequality is not a new concept, however a new question is brought to the attention of the world where not only verbal but real action can be put into practice.

On the other hand, taking into consideration the global perception and  best ways to fight against inequality, the transition of Europe and Central Asia’s emerging economies still haven’t established a mutual relation. In these developing economies as well as in other parts of the world, there are similar inequality and vulnerability problems in hand. That’s exactly what UNDP will draw attention to in its ” Istanbul Development Dialogue” on February, 9-10.

The main topics discussed at the meeting:

-Correct Measurement of Income Inequality

-Exclusion in the LaborMarket, Employment and Social Security

-Gender Inequality

-Inequalities and Health

-Inequalities, Management and Peace Building

-Inequality, Natural Capital and Resource Management

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