“Friend” Project by INGEV Volunteers

Friend project, “Arkadaş” in Turkish, is a social cohesion project that improves the Turkish speaking practice of Syrians who have already stepped into the business world.

Within the project framework, while bringing together those who want to improve their Turkish, we meet in online “language rooms” and talk in Turkish on various topics with volunteers from the host community. We are especially careful in highlighting business topics in our conversations.

Thus, we have the chance to practice Turkish and get to know each other better with weekly online activities, which are entirely voluntary, without a teacher-student relationship.

The project improves the Turkish speaking practice of Syrians on the one hand and enables new friendships.

To become an INGEV volunteer, “To support and benefit from the “Friend” project, all you need to do is to fill out the registration form:

https://forms.gle/wDRmWFUnNHw2azRg8  (Click on the Link)