Digital Governance Opportunities for the Municipalities

The report “Digital Governance Opportunities for Local Administrations” prepared by INGEV in cooperation with IPC and University of Oxford is published. The report probes into a topic that has become of vital importance upon the outbreak of Corona virus pandemic. INGEV President Vural Cakir addresses these opportunities, in the preface he drafted, as follows:

The Corona epidemic showed how critical it is to position the relationship of the municipality and residents on a platform that will run on a two-way digital platform and is supported by algorithms. It is necessary to adopt platforms that operate between the digital citizen groups created either on the basis of neighborhoods or streets and municipal administrations.

Municipalities have to work, take decisions in cooperation with a number of public offices and ensure coordination in terms of implementation. Digital transformation can also create opportunities to radically change the process. The pandemic we confront has showed the need for establishing the rules to build and operate the coordination networks.

It is now time to speed up for the creation of networks that bring the municipalities and NGO administrations together digitally on the basis of larger cities or towns, and owns their own expertise, operating systems and action rules.

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