“We Follow-Up”: Status Update for Entrepreneurs

INGEV organized the second of the “We Follow-Up” program for Ankara, which regularly improves entrepreneurial support. This program aims to understand the current situation of those who have benefited from INGEV’s services such as grants, mentoring, and consultancy in the past and plan and take action accordingly.

While 8 beneficiary entrepreneurs, INGEV project managers, mentors and consultants Renan Burduroglu, Murat Şahin and Soydan Cengiz, and UNDP Turkey project managers attended the Ankara meeting, the benefits of mentoring and grant-type services were evaluated and methods to increase their effectiveness were discussed.

The first program was held with ten young women entrepreneurs in Şanlıurfa, where consultants and Şanlıurfa Support Center staff participated in the meeting together with the President of INGEV.

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