Renewed INGEV ESC Webpage Provides Further Benefits to Users

The website of INGEV Entrepreneurship Support Center (ESC), Turkey’s first and only center providing support to disadvantaged entrepreneurs, has been updated. A collection of trainings and informational notes prepared by INGEV consultants in both Turkish and Arabic have been made available for free in order to assist SMEs in growing their businesses.

Some of the topics you can expect to find on the newly renovated website include:

  • Effective presentation techniques
  • Trainings on how to meet different needs of digitalized business life
  • How to grow from the “birth stage” of your business idea and determine the company and partnership type that best suits your business model
  • Data bank that will be a reference source for positioning your brand, business development and marketing
  • Practical information for your company to pay its taxes and SSI debts on time.

Click here to visit the website…