Vural Çakır: Rewieving the consumption focus of “good living” standards is vital

“Next Frontier: Human Development and Anthropocene” Human Development Report 2020 Launch Event, where INGEV was among the stakeholders, was held online under UNDP Turkey’s umbrella on December 16th.

After UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Claudio Tomasi presented the findings of the 2020 report, launch event continued with a panel of academicians specialized in the fields of climate change and bio-diversity. INGEV President Vural Çakır participated in the panel that followed, “What’s our part?

Speaking at the panel, INGEV President Vural Çakır pointed out that the concept of human development offers a fundamental vision and perspective for a better world, adding that we have the chance to set measurable goals and achieve them through a focus on human development. Highlighting the relationship between consumption and human development Çakır also said: “We need to focus on a range of areas in climate action plans and set measurable targets. It is very important that we review our consumption-centric approach for defining the standards of ‘good-living’.”

During his opening speech, UN Turkey Resident Representative Alvaro Rodriguez stressed the importance of this year’s theme: “The theme of this year’s report, “Planetary Imbalances”, demonstrates the current turmoil humanity encounters, and proposes brave, nature-based solutions for our survival.” UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Claudio Tomasi conveyed a critical message underlining the fact that no country achieved very high human development without putting an immense strain on the planet. He added: “The next frontier for human development is to right this wrong.”

The Human Development Report (HDR) 2020 “The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene” aims to rebalance the relationship between humanity and nature, and improve people’s lives in a permanent manner. In the new geological era called the Anthropocene, humans possess the power of shaping the planet according to their purposes. In this new era, how will the human development change? How do we find a new path that expands human freedom, choice and agency while reducing planetary pressures? The report focuses on these questions, while offering metrics and data to demonstrate that the recovery from the unprecedented pandemic can be environmentally and socially sustainable.

2020 #HDR Turkey Launch Event: