Gender Perceptions Research: Is it OK to Slap Women in Particular Situations?

Even though majority in Turkey agrees that inequality of opportunity based on gender exists in the society, we run the risk of accepting it as natural. Only 29% of the society think that men and women have equal opportunities. The majority of men admit that ‘it is more difficult to be a woman in Turkey’, and ‘women face more problems than men do in social life’.

The results of the research conducted in cooperation with INGEV TAM and Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication are released. According to the research, we have come a long way towards the equality, but there is still a long way to go.

Three out of every four people in society don’t think that ‘family unity will be broken when women participate in working life’ and they say that ‘active participation of women in working life will be good for the economy’. On the contrary, about one in four men is of the opinion that ‘if the husband does not allow, a married woman should not work’. Working life is also painful for women. Women (63%3) and (54%) men agree that ‘the women face discrimination at workplace.

Vast majority of the people say they are against violence. On the other hand, there are still a considerable number of people in favor of violence against women in certain situations. Ten percent of men have the idea that ‘in some cases, a woman can be slapped by her husband’. Another critical problem for violence against women is that one out of every four men thinks ‘if a woman is smacked by her husband, she should not tell others’.

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