Brand-New Gender Sensitive Labor Market Assessment by INGEV

INGEV, with the funding and support of Save The Children, conducted an analysis of labour market assessment for vulnerable people living in Istanbul. The report titled “Gender Sensitive Labour Market Analysis” Report aims to empower economically vulnerable young females and males from refugee and host communities through decent work opportunities in order to realize their untapped potential, reduce inequality in their standards of living and contribute to economic development of the whole society. Besides that same report focuses on improving the economic conditions of displaced people in a gender-sensitive manner (i.e. gender equality in education, increasing women’s participation in the workforce, closing the pay gap between women and men, etc.) and look for opportunities to provide decent work both to women and men for more dignified, sustainable and satisfying labour conditions from a gender sensitive perspective.

The report findings also indicate that most promising business sectors for the employment pathway are Food Production; Healthcare Services; Hospitality (incl. accommodation, food servicing, travel operations); information and communication technology; Textiles/Apparel/Shoes; Wholesale and Retail Trade. Favourable occupational groups in these sectors comprise of marketing and sales positions; production and assembly line jobs; repairs and technical support; product development and design roles; logistics and supply chain operations.  

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