INGEV is creating a digital map of SMEs!

INGEV TAM (Social Research Center) has just launched a study that will regularly measure SMEs’ current digital capacities and their priority needs. The study aims to create a digital map of SMEs by including Syrian businesses and local companies.

“SME Digital Monitor” will measure the current digital capacity of SMEs in a wide range from financial applications used by companies to data storage methods, online marketing applications, to information management systems.

Within the scope of the research, the perspectives of SMEs on the digitalization process, the areas where they most need digitalization, and the supports they want to receive to accelerate their digitalization processes will also be taken into consideration.

The research, which will create a digital map of SMEs, aims to collect data regularly and transfer the results as an index and thus follow the periodic developments and trends in the digital transformation of SMEs of different sizes in Turkey.

For more detailed information on the research: