ActHuman “Digital Governance Opportunities for Municipalities” Workshop was Held at Marmara Municipalities Union

ActHuman’s second term has started with the cooperation of INGEV, IPM and Oxford University. Marmara Municipalities Union hosted the second term’s first consultancy meeting which aims to determine “The Digital Management Opportunities for Municipalities”.

Dr. Eren Korkmaz from Oxford University made a presentation on “The Digital Management Opportunities for Municipalities”. Dr. Korkmaz shared his ideas on the technology, social transformation, the latest technologies, the opportunities presented by the digital management and correct practices on this issue.

Following the presentation, municipalities, public institutions, international organizations, INGOs and private sector representations provided their opinions about the content of opportunities report to be prepared for municipalities.

During the workshop, participants mainly discussed about the issues such as the needs of municipalities for their digital management, technologic applications to improve the municipalities’ management capacities, the better ways of organizing municipalities and cooperation, and good examples applicable for Turkey.

As a result of the three months-research process, the digital management opportunities report will be published.

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