What services do INGEV GDM offer?

Financial Support for Company Establishment
Our center, with the purpose of contributing to entrepreneurs in establishing their companies and putting their business ideas into practice, provides assistance through the company registration processes. We also cover the registration costs and provide free of charge accounting services for the 3 months of following the company registration.

Support Line in Arabic
Through this support hotline, we answer entrepreneurs’ inquiries on registrations, management, legal and financial legislation in Turkey, employment, loans and incentives.

Consultancy Support to SMEs
Our expert team of consultants provides legal, financial, business development, sales- marketing and IT consultancy. At our center in Istanbul, we offer free-of-charge consultancy services to entrepreneurs via face-to-face meetings and video conferences.

Access to Business Networks
We organize networking activities for companies established by Syrians with the participation of Turkish companies for creating business networks, forming cooperative links for their supply-chains and sharing experience and know-how to improve their capacities.

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