The Most Successful District Municipality is Kadıköy!

After nearly a year of intensive work, we announced the successful district municipalities at the launch of the “Human Development Index – Districts” (HDI-D).

As with all our work in this field, the report was prepared by a large INGEV team under the coordination of Prof. Murat Şeker.

Data sources included central statistics, local statistics, district strategic plans, activity reports, and secret citizen surveys. In total, 81 different variables were used.

In the report, districts are ranked according to human development overall and nine sub-categories.

The sub-categories are Governance and Transparency; Social Inclusion; Economic Status; Education; Social Life; Transportation and Accessibility; Health; Environmental Performance; and Gender Equality.

The results were announced at the launch meeting. Mayors who managed to rank high in human development shared their experiences on live broadcast and thanked for the work carried out completely independently and with INGEV’s own resources. The results were widely covered in print and broadcast media.

According to HDI-D results, the most successful municipality in human development was Kadıköy.  Çankaya, Beşiktaş, Şişli, and Bakırköy districts were in the top five.

Kadıköy also ranked first in the categories of governance and transparency, social inclusion, health, social life, and gender equality.

Çankaya ranked first in the education category, Beşiktaş in economic situation and transportation and accessibility, and Sarıyer in environmental performance.

In general, social inclusion and environmental performance were the weakest categories for district local governments.

Now in its sixth year, the HDI-D is one of the world’s leading initiatives in its field.

Click here to watch the event again (in Turkish)

Click here to read the HDI-D Report. (Only in Turkish)

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