How Much Importance do we attach to Climate Change as a Country?

Turkey ratified the Paris Agreement, of which it is one of the signatories, in October 2021, exactly six years after its signing. In addition to this vital step in terms of the projection of global climate policy on Turkey, the effects of climate change are being experienced much more frequently and strikingly locally. While the climate crisis has become a part of our daily lives, what is known and done about this issue in Turkey?

In the 24th broadcast of INGEV Chats, which has so far reached more than 1 million viewers, our topic was “Attitudes and Awareness towards Climate Change” from INGEV TAM’s periodic research study named, Human Development Monitor (“IGM”).

“Although there is a very general level of knowledge about climate change in Turkey, this knowledge has not grown deep in society”

More than 40% of the society is not familiar with terms directly related to climate change, such as “carbon footprint” or “greenhouse gas.” Less than half (41%) associate recent fires and floods in Turkey with climate change. 46% of the society has never heard of the Paris Climate Agreement, while another 17% have heard of it but do not know it.

In the INGEV Chats, where the findings were discussed in-depth, Editor-in-Chief of EKOIQ and İklim News, Barış Doğru, and CAN Europe Turkey Climate and Energy Policy Officer Elif Cansu İlhan were the guests of INGEV TAM Director Can Çakır.

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