Global Intrigue About d-FAIRs 1st Virtual Event

INGEV 1st d-FAIR for Women’s Clothing and Footwear took place on September 12-15 with eager participation from more than 20 countries. Organized to support the business recovery of Syrian SMEs and lend impetus to social cohesion in addition to financial integration, the virtual fair was one of of its kind.

INGEV new perspective has actualized a pioneering practice that allows SMEs to reach out to international markets, as they position their brands, develop products, renew their visibility and adapt to the digital world instead of traditional matchmaking, training and networking activities, which are gradually decreasing amid the pandemic. INGEV also aims to improve the capacity of Syrian vulnerable   SMEs and develop their contribution to local economy, while enabling export through innovative platforms like the virtual fair.

During the event, 800 business cards, amongst which were international buyers, were exchanged with 39 Syrian SME. Meanwhile, the visuals and catalogues produced by INGEV in three languages were visited 2,100 times, presenting an opportunity for new ventures and purchase possibilities.

20 international speakers from UNDP, TÜRKONFED, EBRD, DEİK, Mavi Jeans and Metro Toptan conversed with the exhibitors and guests at the virtual fair about activities in the form of panels. 2,500 people registered for the virtual fair, of which 68% were from abroad. As the virtual fair rolled adverts of SMEs were watched by 12 million people in 20 countries.

Click for Fair Panels:

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