Full Support for Employment and Entrepreneurship Despite the Pandemic

INGEV, one of the most important addresses in Refugee entrepreneurship in Turkey, continues to be the main point of access for the Syrians SMEs and Business representatives, thanks to the entrepreneurship activities it has performed for over 1.5 years within INGEVGDM.

While we provide the refugee entrepreneurs with consultation services in the fields of company establishment (corporation), business development, finance and law, business as part of the project implemented in cooperation with UNDP, we also further expand the scope of the project by meeting the needs of Syrians for work permit under Temporary Protection.

As of April 2020, 53 entrepreneurs were provided with company establishment support; 220 Syrian SMEs and entrepreneurs were provided consultation assistance by means of personal experts, and more than 400 Syrians under Temporary Protection were provided with support for work permit application.

The scope of the project, which will continue until February 2021, was expanded with the support received from the expertise of the partner institution United Work, in terms of job placement and work permits. We also focus on the digitalization of the companies, which has become critical in the period of Corona Virus Pandemic, by aiming to help the Syrian entrepreneurs and SMEs to survive this period with the least amount of loss and to focus back on growth and work on employment creation process.

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