Early Childhood Education is Becoming More Important!

INGEV is seeking answers to questions such as “why parents do not send their children to early childhood education”, “what are the problems related to access to education”, “what are the main typologies of parents in terms of their approach to early childhood education” with a new research study that started its field process in August 2022.

With this research, INGEV aims to understand parental perceptions in these areas. The research will also analyze parents’ access to information and media consumption behaviors in the field of child education.

A child’s linguistic, social-emotional and physical development is most rapid between the ages of 0 and 8. During this crucial period of early life, a large part of brain and language development occurs. As a result, there are great advantages of effective early childhood education (ECE) to adequately prepare children for social and academic life. Early childhood education is one of the areas where Turkey has the highest gap with OECD countries. According to OECD data (2019), the participation rate of children aged 3-5 in education is 39% in Turkey, compared to an average of 83% for the OECD.

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