Digitalization Assistance for Refugee Entrepreneurs from İNGEV GDM

Refugee Entrepreneurs faced many challenges regarding putting their business ideas into practice, accessing livelihood opportunities, and recruiting employees. On top of these they now had to deal with the serious difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. In this critical period, it has emerged that companies could benefit from more digitalization and that e-commerce opportunities are vital for competitiveness. In order to support such needs of SMEs established by refugees, INGEV implemented a comprehensive support program in cooperation with UNDP.

In this process, the expert team of INGEV GDM has provided consultancy services to more than 40 refugee entrepreneurs and SMEs in areas such as digital communications / digital tools; content creation and graphic design for management of corporate social media and accessing e-commerce platforms.

In addition to these, INGEV GDM also developed the corporate web pages of several selected SMEs, designed their web content and followed through on their technical needs to publish their websites.

Two of the companies that received such support from INGEV are:

Alkham Trading Ltd., a foreign trade company established in Hatay Reyhanlı.

Kari Tekstil operating in Istanbul in the field of ready-made clothing manufacturing.

In the upcoming period, we aim to implement different types of support mechanisms to meet various needs of Refugee Entrepreneurs and SMEs in terms of digitalization and IT infrastructure.

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