Virtual Trade Show from INGEV

İNGEV initiates the İNGEV Digital Fair (INGEV D-FAIRs) chain of events by strengthening its efforts to support fragile community segments with a new initiative. The first digital fair will take place on September 12-15, 2020 and will include SMEs established by Syrians.

Various seminars, panels, business meetings and entertainment events are also included in the fair. İNGEV D-FAIRs will take place in three languages, increase job opportunities for the export of Syrian SMEs mainly in Arabic-speaking countries and also aims to strengthen their contributions to the Turkish economy. In addition to this, İNGEV D-FAIRs focuses on assisting Syrian SMEs to get them into both national and international markets, to extend their operations with new partnerships and to create opportunities to increase social good.

For İNGEV D-FAIRs, İNGEV has collaborated with Endless Fairs, the leading company in its field, which has already delivered digital fair operation services in many countries.

Both organizations aim to continue their fair activities in series, especially for supporting the fragile community segments. Soydan Cengiz manages INGEV D-FAIRs operations.

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