“Human Development Index – Districts” Results Announced

“Human Development Index – Districts” Results Announced


The District’s Human Development Levels Have Been Announced
Human Development Index – Districts (HDI-D) Report was completed

INGEV’s Human Development Index (HDI) research among Turkey’s 150 districts is concluded. According to the published results, the districts with Very High Human Development (Green Category) are as follows:

İNGEV Chairman Vural Çakır comments: “Our team of experts has developed an objective mechanism to successfully evaluate our districts’ performance in HDI. More importantly, we are aiming to be able to identify the issues that require prioritized improvement in order to achieve higher development levels in future. With this framework, local administrations will have better insight as to the progress of human development in their area. Through cooperation with local administrators, we desire to identify strategies to advance in Human Development.” Abbreviated as HDI-D, the investigation included 150 districts from Turkey’s 30 metropolitan provinces. Factoring in social and economic variables at the district level, HDI-D includes 50 indices such as governance, social inclusion, income levels, education, health, social life, and transportation. Besides pure statistical data, information acquired through municipalities activity reports, official websites and “anonymous information requests.”

Lecturer at Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, Asst. Prof. Murat Şeker, who conducted this research: “The repetition of this research will set light to improvements in development and constitute a reference database of HDI, the where local administrations could benefit following their districts’ development.” Emphasizing on the role of local action plans in order to raise the overall development of Turkey and the responsibility that municipalities have in focusing their activities on this field, Şeker continued: “The local residents will benefit from the budgets and municipalities to the greatest extent if the local administrators put Human Development at the center of their strategies. According to the report, highest Human Development were reported in following the districts: Çankaya, Yenimahalle and Keçiören in Ankara; Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Bakırköy, Şişli, Fatih, Ataşehir and Üsküdar in İstanbul; Muratpaşa and Konyaaltı in Antalya; Odunpazarı and Tepebaşı in Eskişehir; Nilüfer and Osmangazi in Bursa; and finally İzmit in Kocaeli.

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