“New Threshold in Localization: HDI/SDG on October 20th!”

The process of INGEV’s “Human Development and Sustainable Development Measurement” focusing on 2021 has accelerated as the event day approaches.

Covering 30 metropolitan cities, 51 provinces and 200 districts, the measurement is also the largest data collection and analysis study in Turkey.

As a new threshold in localization, the study measures the performance of local governments, especially in terms of sustainable development goals and human development, through evaluating a large data set.

In addition, Acsight | Cloud4Feed is this year’s sponsor for field data collection and data processing.

The HDI/SDG, metropolitan cities and provinces event will be held on October 20 at the Istanbul Maritime Museum and will be an online hybrid event. During the event, the findings of the research will be shared, and awards will be given to the managers of municipalities in the very high human development category.

HDI/SDG Teaser: https://bit.ly/3ACTNT4

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