The Countdown Has Begun for INGEV Employment Fair!

As INGEV, we support women and youth employment in Turkey more and more each year, prepare them for digital professions and develop them in that field.

Come and take your place at the career fair held on May 17-18!

Our main goal is to bring together companies that recruit young people and women looking for jobs in the fields of Information, Communication & Technology, create employment opportunities, and organize a career fair that will help the youth and society.

In addition, Turkey’s most prominent independent business organization TÜRKONFED, with 30 federations (including 26 regional and 4 sectoral), 50 thousand companies, and 284 associations, also ADECCO Turkey’s digital initiative, Spring Professional, provides the employment of talented people in the field of technology, became our fair supporters.

🔗: To become an exhibitor and/or to register at (only in Turkish and Arabic)

The countdown has begun for the fair that will help youth, women, and society!

Let’s increase employment together!
* Setting up a booth at the fair is for free.

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