The main purpose of INGEV Social Research Center (İNGEV TAM) is to provide unbiased data and accurate analysis on critical issues concerning our society.

INGEV believes that the success of any action aiming for social development depends on a correct understanding of the beliefs, ideas, perspectives, needs and values ​​that govern human behavior.

Action-oriented Research

Accurate information is an integral part of the decision-making process regarding social issues. Research enables all individuals in a society to have their voices heard, regardless of external circumstances such as income, class, etc.

In the development of social responsibility projects, the most effective use of available funds depends on the actions directed towards goals which will have the most tangible impact to reach targets while still remaining within certain budgetary limits. In turn, the process of developing the most effective approach necessarily depends on the correct determination of the priorities, obstacles, and needs of program beneficiaries.

INGEV Social Research Center carries out research for a variety of different purposes,

from situational analysis aimed at understanding the problems, needs, and behaviors of a specific target audience to impact assessment studies for measuring the results of social programs.

Versatile Experience in the Social Field

INGEV SRC has experience working in many different social fields, from employment and entrepreneurship to livelihoods and refugees. In recent years, the Center has placed special attention on refugee issues, particularly on the subject of employment and education.

The Center seeks to benefit both stakeholders and decision-makers in the public and private sectors through conducting periodic research and representative surveys to increase awareness and advise on relevant human development issues.

Areas of Cooperation

INGEV Social Research Center offers resources for the following topics:

  • Situational Analysis: Understanding the Desires, Needs, Expectations, Perceptions and Attitudes of Varying Target Audiences
  • Monitoring, Tracking, and Impact Analysis Studies: Understanding the impact and development aspects of programs and projects
  • Human Development Monitor: Social research to understand the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of the public regarding critical social issues (in cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication by 2020)