INGEV Presented the Results of “Relation of Employment and Education in Istanbul” Research in The Introductory Meeting Organized By İSTKA

One of the priority issues of the 2014-2023 which reveals the socio-economic development trends and potentials of Istanbul Area is the employment. And about this priority issue, İNGEV’s research called “Relation of Employment and Education in Istanbul” and İTÜ-Marmara Universities co-research “identification of the Employment Trends in Istanbul” which were both completed with the support […]

INGEV President Vural Çakır: “Syrian businesses in Turkey provide 100,000 jobs”

Since their arrival in the country as refugees, Syrian businesspeople have been actively participating and contributing to the Turkish economy. According to the latest statistics, around 8,100 firms with Syrian capital provide approximately 100,000 jobs in Turkey. Vural Çakır, the chair of the Human Development Foundation (INGEV), said that there are 8,100 Syrian companies established […]

Huge Turnout for The First Conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Hub

The first conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Hub, which was carried out by the cooperation of INGEV and IPM and with the support of UNHCR and Syrian Economic forum, was held on 27 September 2017 in Salt Galata. Important repsentatives form public and private sectors, NGOs and academic world attended to this conference which was […]

ActHuman Social Inclusion Initiative has started with the cooperation of INGEV and IPM

The first conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Initiative will be held on Wednesday, September 27 in Salt Galata.   Topic: THE ENHANCEMENT OF SYRIAN ENTERPRENEUERSHIP TO CONTRIBUTE EMPLOYMENT AND INTEGRATION   With ActHuman, we intend to develop social inclusion policies with research and then discuss it at an effective conference to conclude with a resolution […]

INGEV Finalized “Labor Market Assessment” Research

Projects targeting the urgent needs of more than 5 million Syrians seeking refuge in the neighboring countries due to the Syrian Crisis which entered its 7th-year last month are increasingly leaving their place to projects that meet longer-term needs. Especially, the importance of income generation and skills building projects is increasing. One of the projects […]

Human Development Index – Districts (HDI-D) Workshops Are Ongoing

The HDI-D workshops are continuing to discuss the solutions for a better human development for each district/municipality. The workshops’ aim is to offer action proposals according to the indicators and criteria that are used in HDI-D.   At the workshops, the presentation of the results of HDI-D are shown to participants chosen by the municipalities. […]

INGEV was at KUSIF “Social Value Matters” Summit

Strategic Management Advisory Board members Binnur Çakır and Berk Çoker represented INGEV at Koç University, April 10-11. This year’s motto at KUSIF was “Raise the voice, influence the change, maximize the value.” On day one INGEV participated in table discussions “Turkey Specific Modeling Perspectives for Social Impact Measurement” and “Impact Evaluation in Migrant Integration” under […]

INGEV’s 2017-2018 Objectives are Set at the SMA Board meeting

The SMA Board (Strategic Management Advisory Board) meeting was held on April 14 at Point Hotel Barbaros. The participants were İNGEV president Vural Çakır, members Necati Özkan, Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman, Prof. Dr. Halil Nalçaoğlu, Tonguç Çoban, N. Berk Çoker, Binnur Çakır, Renan Burduroğlu, Pelin Yusufi, Evren Doğanç, Ebru Arzu Çağdaş, Levent Özkula and Prof. […]

INGEV’s “Low-Income House Wives” Project is a Go!

İNGEV, in cooperation with a private multi-national along with Maltepe Municipality, executes “the low-income house wives” project in order to provide job and income. 18 house wives who live in Maltepe district were selected by individual house visits. In Altıntepe Entrepreneur Kitchen, they have been educated in the fields of hygiene, food preparation and cooking. […]

With the support of İSTKA, INGEV initiated the “Identification of the employment trends in İstanbul” project

İNGEV has started the “Identification of the employment trends in İstanbul” project with the support of İSTKA (Istanbul Development Agency). The project explicitly focuses on the relation between employment and education.   In this project INGEV’s aim is to: To focus on the employees and active unemployed young adults between the ages of 15-34. To […]