A Measurable View of Our Social Harmony: Social Cohesion Index

Social cohesion, examined as a concept of societies’ living together in cohesion level, shows where we stand and where we can develop as a society. Social Cohesion Index and sub-indexes of main factors that form this Index is measured under the research framework from a data set representing Turkey. There have been various researches reflecting […]

Human Development Index-Districts Report is out: Transition to Human from Consumer

Human Development Index-Districts (HDI-Districts) 2017 Report is out. Human Development Index-Districts (HDI-Districts) Report, issued for supporting human development in Districts by INGEV and its results are announced. This year’s main theme is “Transition to Human from Consumer”. Human Development Indexes have been released on a country basis since 1990 by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). […]

“Türkiye’deki Mülteci Girişimciliğini Güçlendirmek” İstanbul Çalıştayı Gerçekleştirildi

“Strengthening Refugee Entrepreneurship in Turkey” Istanbul Workshop Held

Representatives from both public and private sectors, NGOs and academic world have showed great interest to “Strengthening Refugee Entrepreneurship in Turkey” workshop held on March 8th at Dedeman Hotel Gayrettepe. In this workshop, organized by ActHuman Social Inclusion Initiative together with UNHCR and with the financial support of Turkish Republic and European Union, İNGEV President […]

“Strengthening Refugee Entrepreneurship in Turkey” Hatay Workshop was Held

“Strengthening Refugee Entrepreneurship in Turkey” Hatay Workshop was organized on 22 March at Erol Bilecik Kongre Merkezi with the attendance of public institutions, refugee entrepreneurs, Turkish business people, and representatives of non-governmental organizations. Opening speeches were delivered by INGEV Director Berk Çoker, UNHCR Hatay Field Office Specialist Rıfat Kerim Menemencioğlu and UNHCR Competency Programmes Responsible […]

“Syrian Participation in Turkey’s Higher Education Workshop” was Held

INGEV and Bahçeşehir University Center of Migration and Urban Studies cooperated in organizing “Syrian Participation in Turkey’s Higher Education Workshop”. To develop suggestions about the Call Center’s scope of service, which will assist guidance support in order to encourage Syrian youngsters living in Turkey to participate in higher education “Syrian Participation in Turkey’s Higher Education […]

HOPES – Education is a Must

INGEV has launched the “HOPES – Education is a Must” Project

“Education is a Must” Project has been started by INGEV and Bahçeşehir University Center of Migration and Urban Studies (BAUMUS). The Counseling Committee meeting of this project was organized with the participation of the representatives from various organizations who work for the education of the Syrians. During the Counseling Committee meeting, information about “Education is […]

İGE-İ Antalya-Muratpaşa Workshop Was Held

Antalya-Muratpaşa Municipality Workshop was held with great participation on 28 October 2017. In the workshop, the solutions for better human development were discussed exclusively for districts/municipalities according to İGE-İ (Human Development Index – Districts) project results.   After a general presentation about İNGEV, İGE-İ Project results about Muratpaşa were presented.  After the presentation, group table […]

INGEV Presented the Results of “Relation of Employment and Education in Istanbul” Research in The Introductory Meeting Organized By İSTKA

One of the priority issues of the 2014-2023 which reveals the socio-economic development trends and potentials of Istanbul Area is the employment. And about this priority issue, İNGEV’s research called “Relation of Employment and Education in Istanbul” and İTÜ-Marmara Universities co-research “identification of the Employment Trends in Istanbul” which were both completed with the support […]

INGEV President Vural Çakır: “Syrian businesses in Turkey provide 100,000 jobs”

Since their arrival in the country as refugees, Syrian businesspeople have been actively participating and contributing to the Turkish economy. According to the latest statistics, around 8,100 firms with Syrian capital provide approximately 100,000 jobs in Turkey. Vural Çakır, the chair of the Human Development Foundation (INGEV), said that there are 8,100 Syrian companies established […]

Huge Turnout for The First Conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Hub

The first conference of ActHuman Social Inclusion Hub, which was carried out by the cooperation of INGEV and IPM and with the support of UNHCR and Syrian Economic forum, was held on 27 September 2017 in Salt Galata. Important repsentatives form public and private sectors, NGOs and academic world attended to this conference which was […]