We Completed “Capacity Building Trainings”

As you may well know, “Capacity Building Trainings for Syrian Entrepreneurs” have been ongoing for the last 2 months. We started our trainings in Istanbul on February 21-22 and our trainers Levent Özkula and Evren Doğanç offered 4 different modules to our beneficiarie. The modules are the Commerce Language and Culture in Turkey, Leadership and […]

Women Entrepreneurship Eco-System Meeting was held in TOBB

On April 9th, INGEV, Building Markets and Habitat Foundation organized an eco-system meeting under the auspices of TOBB with the participation of Turkish and Syrian entrepreneurs. The opening speech of this meeting was given by TOBB Head of Sectors and Entrepreneurship Department, Ozan Acar, Director of Building Markets Turkey, Saral Virgo, The Director of INGEV, […]

INGEV Participated in “Higher Education and Syria Crisis: What is Next?” Conference

in Amman, Jordan on 9-10 April 2019 where over 100 professionals, experts and students from a variety of institutions and initiatives brought together. Within the conferences, the latest achievements in the higher education sector in the context of the Syria crisis was presented and their impact on students and higher education institutions was analyses, while […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Research From İNGEV: 746 CSR Projects Were Made in One Year

CONCEPTS OF CSR AND CHARITY ARE CONFUSED In the scope of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept, INGEV has conducted a research to analyze CSR projects of Capital Magazine’s 500 big companies operating in Turkey. During the research, totally 1420 projects were examined, and while 746 of these projects were categorized as CSR projects remaining 674 […]

The Candidates Who are in the Green Zone According to HDI-D and Re-nominated Candidates Won the Election

Local elections are over. All the candidates who were in the “very high human development zone” according to The Human Development Index – Districts (HDI-D) and were re-nominated by their party won the election. The HDI-D 2018 report covers 186 districts with the highest population within the metropolitan area. The HDI-D, which consists of components […]

“Entrepreneurship Information Meetings” Move Ahead!

In the joint coordination of Building Markets and Habitat Association, INGEV has started the series of meetings, informing Syrian Companies with the support of Sultanbeyli Municipality and Refugees Association (Mülteciler Derneği). Owners of these companies, residents in Sultanbeyli District, have participated to the meetings. Following the previous meeting held on 27th of December 2018 in […]

“Syrian Refugees’ Access to Higher Education” HOPES Seminars Go On!

As INGEV, we are approaching to the end of HOPES project, conducted with BAUMUS (Bahçeşehir University Urban and Refugee Research Centre) with the support of EU MADAD Fund. Seminars on the Access of Syrian Refugees to Higher Education continue in cooperation with, SGDD-ASAM, Istanbul Aydın University, TOMER, Avcılar People’s Education Center, Kızılay Bağcılar Community Center. […]

INGEV President Vural Çakır Made “Syrians in Turkey” Presentation at IPC-Mercator Panel

With the coordination of Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) Sabancı University and Stiftung Mercator Initiative, panel on “Syrians in Turkey” has been hosted, and a report on “The Role of Civil Society on the Encouragement of Pluralism” was introduced at Minevra Han, Karakoy. During the first part of the panel, the issues on the present situation […]

INGEV Entrepreneurship Support Center Launched Following an Opening Cocktail

In cooperation with Building Markets and Habitat Association and within the scope of “Refugee Entrepreneurship Support Project”, INGEV Entrepreneurship Support Center Opening Cocktail was organized with the participation of representatives from civil society organizations, INGOs and Turkish business sector. Representatives from DEİK, Kızılay, İSTESOB, UNHCR, Sultanbeyli Municipality, UnitedWork, SIAD (Syrian Businessmen Association), SEF (Syrian Economic […]

“Education is a Must” Call Center Project’s Outputs were Shared at an International Workshop

Yaşar University hosted an international workshop titled “Integration of Refugees into Higher Education: Comparative Country Cases” on the 5th of December. With the participation of representatives from different countries’ universities, public institutions, and international organizations, INGEV’s “Education is a Must” Call Center Project’s outputs were shared during an international workshop. Within the scope of EU […]