Dijital Kimlik Pilot Testine Tam Not

Conclusion of the Digital Identity Pilot Test!

Aimed at implementing trade chamber transactions and work permit applications for refugee entrepreneurs, in a blockchain-based platform, the digital identity pilot project has been successfully completed with the cooperation of Dutch technology company Tykn, UNDP and INGEV.

İş Geliştirme Mentorluğunda 2. Sene

Innovative Approach to Mentorship

INGEV marked the 2nd year of the “Business Development Mentorship” project in cooperation with the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). With the kick-off meeting held on September 10, mentors met beneficiaries with whom they will work during 4 months, while the latter were introduced to the services, they will receive throughout the project […]

İNGEV’den Mardin’de Araştırma: Aşinalık Uyumu Besliyor

Familiarity Breeds Cohesion

INGEV designed and carried out a research to gauge the level of social cohesion in Mardin. Mardin has hosted communities from different religions, languages, and cultures throughout history. As such, the fabric and multi-culturalism of the city contributes to higher social cohesion between local people and refugees. Social cohesion between the host and refugee communities was investigated with respect to various aspects […]

Pandemiye Rağmen KOBİ’lere Destek

Support to SMEs Continues Despite the Pandemic

Entrepreneurship support gained momentum despite the Pandemic in the last quarter thanks to the support of UNDP and other program partners. INGEV has witnessed a particular increase in work permit issuance, reaching 600 applications. INGEV has also managed to facilitate establishment of 14 new companies. Within the scope of the project, 76 entrepreneurs have opened […]

Virtual Trade Show from INGEV

İNGEV initiates the İNGEV Digital Fair (INGEV D-FAIRs) chain of events by strengthening its efforts to support fragile community segments with a new initiative. The first digital fair will take place on September 12-15, 2020 and will include SMEs established by Syrians. Various seminars, panels, business meetings and entertainment events are also included in the […]

Stronger Together

We are happy to announce the launch of a new project in collaboration with Relief International, dedicated to Syrian entrepreneurs with disabilities who comply with at least one of the following conditions: – To have Syrian citizenship along with a disability report (minimum %40), owning his/her own company which is affected by COVID-19 pandemic. OR […]

A Solidarity Map for Individuals with Disabilities;*

Disabled individuals are one of the most vulnerable groups of the society, and no matter how valuable both the academic and practical studies conducted on this subject are, it can be possible to transform it into a systematics and record it, only by way of mapping or creating a database. At this very point, INGEV […]

Digital Governance Opportunities for the Municipalities

The report “Digital Governance Opportunities for Local Administrations” prepared by INGEV in cooperation with IPC and University of Oxford is published. The report probes into a topic that has become of vital importance upon the outbreak of Corona virus pandemic. INGEV President Vural Cakir addresses these opportunities, in the preface he drafted, as follows: The […]

Our Digital Supports Increasing

INGEV Digital Support Center (DDM) started its operations. The activities led by Kamal Bakour are executed in three languages: Turkish, Arabic and English. The supports provided include, among others, website building and development, content creation and development, graphic designs, social media setup and management. The main target group of the activities, which are deemed as […]

Full Support for Employment and Entrepreneurship Despite the Pandemic

INGEV, one of the most important addresses in Refugee entrepreneurship in Turkey, continues to be the main point of access for the Syrians SMEs and Business representatives, thanks to the entrepreneurship activities it has performed for over 1.5 years within INGEVGDM. While we provide the refugee entrepreneurs with consultation services in the fields of company […]