HDI 2019 Steering Committee Held

HDI 2019 Steering Committee Held

İNGEV in its first year, has conducted HDI-D (Human Development Index-Districts) in local level in order to measure and monitor human development in 150 districts. By extending its scope, in the year 2017, number of districts reached up to 186. From this year onwards, HDI includes not only districts but metropolitan municipalities. HDI Steering Committee […]

INGEV Brought Together Syrian SMEs with ITO and KOSGEB

İNGEV Brought Together Syrian SMEs with ITO and KOSGEB

In the context of EBRD supported “Business Development Mentorship for Syrian Companies” project, İNGEV brought together Syrian SMEs which INGEV provides mentorship services for with İTO (Istanbul Chamber of Trade) and KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey), the meeting was hosted by İTO. Opening speeches for the meeting hold at İTO were […]

İNGEV and UCLG-MEWA Signs Cooperation Agreement

İNGEV and UCLG-MEWA Signs Cooperation Agreement

İNGEV and UCLG-MEWA will work on the assessment of the Human Development Index-Districts (HDI-I) as metrics in which the UN Sustainable Development Goals are measured and implemented in different countries in the Middle East and West Asia Region. İNGEV’s Human Development Index-District report aims to measure and monitor human development at local level. Today, as […]

Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) Image Research by İNGEV

Trust in CSOs is low; transparency, excessive entanglement with politics and exploitation of religious sentiments are the primary issues Main assessments obtained from the report prepared by INGEV TAM (INGEV Social Research Center) are as follows; Civilian participation remains low. When asked about how civil society participation takes place, it turns out that the most common […]

Cyber Bullying Research from INGEV

Cyber Bullying Research from İNGEV                                             Everyone may be cyber bully or victim of cyber bullying without being aware… Completing its cyber bullying study and sharing with relevant institutions, İNGEV drew attention to the danger. […]

Syrian Perception Research from İNGEV

Syrian Perception Research and Invitation from İNGEV to use social cohesion language against the danger of othering and antagonising Having completed its perception research on Syrian refugees and shared with relevant nongovernmental organisation, İNGEV published the primary data of the research together with the invitation to use “cohesion language” Main assessments obtained from the report […]

In Cooperation with EBRD, INGEV has started “Business Development Mentorship for Syrian Companies” project

In Cooperation with EBRD, İNGEV has Launched “Business Development Mentorship for Syrian Companies” Project

İNGEV hold an inauguration meeting of Business Development Mentorship for Syrian Companies project which has launched with the support of EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) with an active participation. Opening speeches of the meeting were made by the İNGEV’s president Vural Çakır and EBRD National Programme Manager Serpil Çetinçift. In the follow up […]

İNGEV Social Research Center (TAM) goes Full Speed

Developing our Syrian Companies Database. Syrians established companies have great impact in increasing Syrians contribution to Turkey’s economy and businesses as well as to strengthen social cohesion and integration. In the last years, Syrians have the highest percentage of foreigners establishing companies in Turkey. Taking these into consideration, İNGEV Social Research Center (TAM) conducted a […]

Capacity Building Trainings Continue

As INGEV, we conducted 6 trainings between February and April 2019. Over 1000 applications were received, 158 Syrian owners, company managers and potential entrepreneurs benefited from our trainings in 6 cities. Trainings were given in İstanbul, Mersin, Hatay, Konya, Kayseri and Bursa. The training topics consisted of trade language and culture in Turkey, leadership and […]

Information Meetings Continued in Şanlıurfa

The work of INGEV GDM (INGEV Entrepreneurship Support Center) is known by many Syrian businesses and SMEs throughout the country. Syrian companies are getting in touch with us to receive consultancy services on different topics while potential entrepreneurs contact us to establish their companies. We, as INGEV GDM, carry out information meetings in cities where […]