INGEV Customized in Mentorship and Education (MT) works to increase the capacities of various beneficiary groups with mentoring, networking opportunities, and training services for business life.

These groups are mainly comprised of:

  • Micro, small and medium sized enterprises,
  • Individuals who want to better adapt to the workforce and
  • Entrepreneurs

Real world experience

Training and mentoring programs take place under the supervision of instructors and mentors who are able to accurately analyze the root cause of a problem and have personally dealt with such situations. As such, all of the INGEV mentors and trainers are people who possess valuable experience and demonstrable success in their sector. INGEV matches these trainers and mentors to beneficiaries with whom they can share the benefits of their knowledge and experience. During the training sessions, mentors address how to deal with all problems facing entrepreneurs regarding the establishment and development of a business.

Social Capital

Mentors and trainers at INGEV MT do not only convey practical information to the beneficiaries, but also direct them to the right solutions based on their similar experiences in the field. Instruction regarding the effective ways to develop networks, one of the most important parts of professional life, is also included as part of the MT programs.

Versatile Support

Since not all entrepreneurs are alike, and face many different types of issues, INGEV training and mentoring processes respond to the needs of beneficiaries with detailed and well-thought-out guidance. Through the Entrepreneurship Support Center owned by INGEV, beneficiaries receive one-to-one support from educated staff in the areas of business establishment, strategy development and follow-up. At the Center, consultants specializing in the field of business plan development form a team with trainers and mentors to gather information regarding pertinent issues. This collaboration enables the creation of a collective solution development center under one roof.

Concrete Impact Measurements

INGEV works with certain monitoring and follow-up modules to ensure that all guidance offered in mentoring and training programs is action-oriented and concrete. Evaluations are based on real-life impacts of the programs, ensured by providing regular feedback. These real-life testing results allow greater flexibility for new action plans to be adapted to current situations.

Disciplined Program Organization

Due to an in-depth understanding of organizational management approach in maintaining the time management and communications aspect of the program as well as the evaluation, monitoring, and follow-up reporting processes, the INGEV project management team has been recognized in many national and international studies.